Monday, October 31, 2011

I have Chrome Balls, Don't You? by Giovanni Gelati

Seriously, that is the title of the story. It is five pages long and is written by Giovanni Gelati who when he is not writing comedic pieces, or scribing action adventure stories, is helming the great Trestle Press

I Have Chrome Balls, Don't You? is about the mysterious sport of Bocce. In this tale Gelati makes himself the main character. He did the same thing in his story Hotel Beaumont which he co wrote with B.R. Stateham. This works well in that it adds a more personal touch to the writing.

Giovanni must be an AC DC fan. Because his I Have Chrome Balls, Don't You? uses the same kind of double entendre that their song about a similar subject employed. He does it very well and did a great job of keeping a tether on his creativity and not degenerating into toilet humor. As a result, he penned some adult humor which was very endearing despite the subject.(that being the wonderful sport of Bocce) Along with his great insights on the sport, he made great use of the metaphor of the Bocce ball and equated it very nicely with other cylindrical objects.

I hope he cranks out more stuff because this author(me) will definitely read it.

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