Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trestle Press

I will have alot more to say about these folks when I have read their authors more extensively. But, I have looked at their website and I am excited. They cater to those who like horror and hard-boiled stories. If you are into writers like Joe r Lansdale, Richard Stark, HP Lovecraft, Mickey Spillane, welcome home! These people are edgy; and they do their authors justice by giving them great book covers. The books are in E format and can be purchased on Go to the website, and find a book that interests you, click on it and it will direct you to Amazon. Some of the books can be purchased through Barnes and Noble as well-- but I think the Kindle is the main way you can access these stories. Pricewise, they are $.99 to 4.99. Very affordable. And again, it's another place to quench your thirst for some rockin pulp fiction! 

P.S. Oh and by the way, check the author, BR Stateham. He has a series of stories about an assassin named Smitty that I hear is "smokin".

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