Monday, October 24, 2011

Drunk On The Moon, by Paul D. Brazill

Gum Shoes. Drooling wild eyed werewolves. Green lizards disquised as religious cult leaders. This all comes from the writing of Paul D. Brazill and his story Drunk On the Moon.

I am reminded of that line from the Doors song Riders on the Storm: "His brain is squirming like a toad..."  And with DOTM, Mr. Brazill's mind truly is-- I hope he considers that high praise.

But, I digress. DOTM deals with a private eye named Roman Dalton. He palls around with a bar owner/cabby named Duffy who is less than photogenic with his "Black Dyed quiff"(I feel dirty just repeating that)

Roman is an unusual PI in that he is a werewolf. He became such one night when he tried to take on a pack of Lycanthropes in a bar. So, now, he trawls the mean streets of The City tracking down leads and saving damsels in distress-- sometimes using a gun, or sometimes just ripping his foes into strips of London Broil. You get the general idea.

I'll say it again. I like DOTM. It speaks to all my sensibilities and slakes my thirst for hard-boiled fiction.

DOTM also oozes graphic novel. Dave Zeltserman says it reminded him of Sin City. I think that is a fair assesment. But, whereas Sin City was channeling Spillane, DOTM draws its inspiration from the work of Chandler and Hammet with its gritty, poetic comic book prose.

There are several other installments written by other Trestle Press authors. One is from  BR Stateham of Call Me Smitty fame. I will most undoubtedly scoop those up as well. Drunk On The Moon is published by Trestle Press  the publishing house created by Giovanni Gelati. The story is .99 cents and can be purchased on Amazon Kindle. An affordable read and money well spent.


  1. Hey, thanks for that. Glad you enjoyed it. If you liked the 1st story, you'll love the others!

  2. You have an idea there...
    What a graphic novel it would make. Richard Godwin's episode would need an 18 rating!

    All the episodes are excellent. A great series.

  3. It really lends itself to a graphic novel.