Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Ok. I have had it with commas. From now on in  my posts, I plan to use them as little as possible. I understand I need them in a story for clarity-- but in my posts I am going to channel my ee cummings and start flagrantly breaking grammer rules. As for commas, I plan to violate that rule in the most unspeakable manner. I have come to this conclusion about grammer rules because I have the inability to self edit. So, I am just not going to care anymore. I think this will help bring out my rawest most inner thoughts.

Musings About The Next Huey Dusk Story

The time draws nearer to pen another Huey Dusk tale. I am thinking of returning to the story's roots which means going back an rereading the original, and rediscovering what made it so magical. But you can't go back completely. So, what I plan to do is to revisit the story and then take the concept even farther and twist it some more. With my story Twinkle Twinkle Faded Star, I tried to channel David Goodis, and I think I will do the same with this next Huey piece.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer(The 80's Television Series)

Last night I watched a Mike Hammer movie based on the TV series. I had forgotten what a gem of a show that was. Contrary to being made in the 80's, it really captured the feel of the books and the spirit of the 1950's. This was before Guilianni cleaned up the Big Apple and the show also captures the grime that was the NYC before the invasion of all things Disney.

There are alot of things I miss about this program that you do not get in today's TV. What we most lack is the colorful characters in the crime dramas of yester year. And there seems to be an absense of adults. These shows were written by adults about adult topics.

Even though the show is tame by today's standards, there was an element of sleaze to it that was implied without having to get too gratuitous.

I love this show. There are no important insights to glean from it. Just a tongue in cheek honest portrayal of the work of a great writer.