Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Dark Journey

If I repeat myself, I am sorry. Moreover noir, I am more interested in the dark journey. I like to see my characters venture off into unfamiliar territory and see how that changes them. Like Heart Of Darkness and its contemporary Apocalypse Now.

Noirish characters are ones who took that dark journey and didn't come back completely whole. This doesn't mean they turn completely to the darkside, but that they incorporate elements of it in their lives.

The Dark Journey contains more truth and says a great deal about the character just by the way they handle themself through out the story than I think noir does.

My goal is to use noir just as a minor color or shading in my stories.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Future Changes To The Blog

A friend told me she hates when bloggers lead off with, "Ok I have been away for awhile..."So here goes nothin.

Ok I have been away for a awhile but now I am back. What I want to talk about today are the future changes and plans I have for the appearance of the blog.

The back drop will stay the same... and I like the bar. But, very gradually, I want to replace the side pictures with liknesses of the characters in the story, along with things like bottles of Bubble Gum Whisky and Monkey Rum. Maybe I will include a panoramic shot of the city.

Doing this, will give more exposure to the series. If I think of more things I will surely post them.

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Story in the Interim

Ok I am pulling out my hair because my computer locked up on me... my precious Little Pablo! What's the significance of that as a writer-- besides my whole life and career as an author being on it? Well, what it also means that while it hopefully is being fixed, I get to cool my heels and work on a story about the other character I was talking about in yesterday's post.

I have already started and I am quite pleased, because it is turning into what I want it to be which is a title from Prologue Books(I am obsessed with those books, so you will hear alot about them) But hopefully I can get my other computer fixed and get back on track.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inspiration And Looking Beyond Huey Dusk

It's hard to think about one day puttting the Huey stories to rest. But, as a writer, you must grow an evolve. This is not to say Huey stories won't continue. It's just at some point I will be dealing with other aspects of his life and personal history. For instance, I really want to write stories about his dad who is mentioned quite a bit through out the series.

I also want to write stories about the other side characters. Right now, I have a story about Clown Detective Lou Blatz in the hopper. So, there is lots of room for expansion in this universe.

However, what really excites me, is the aftermath of the Huey Dusk era. I have been thinkiing about this new character for about two years now, but today I had inspiration on how to frame his stories.

That inspiration came from my reading of some of the Prologue Book titles that I have acquired(I intend to get more) The books are quick, dirty, and very gritty, and that's what I want this new series to be.

Also, whereas Huey borrowed heavily from Mickey Spillane. This new series would stand on the shoulders of the likes of Talmadge Powell, Peter Rabe, Charles Runyon and I must not leave out David Goodis. Pretty ambitious I know. But like I said, I get excited thinking about the possibilities.

 However, do note there will be proper homage to Huey since, like I said, this other series does sprout from the Dusk stories; similiar to how there is mention of Huey's dad in all of the Huey stories.

I am so inspired I could start writing about this new character today. But, I am going excercise writer's discipline and continue with my western story.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Progress On The Western Story

Yesterday I worked some more on the western story. What I did was to transfer my notes over to my writing program. Then I started writing up an outline of all the acts in the story.
I was able to get through act one. Once I am done with this, I will put together a detailed scene list.

Maybe I have said this before, but this is not the way I wrote the first Huey Dusk story. With that, I just went for it. But, I am having fun thinking things through.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dead End, by Ed Lacy

Right now, I am reading a great story by this author I discovered named Ed Lacy. It is called Dead End.
I don't want to say it is a strange little book... but to me it is a hodge podge of different author's styles. Although, it is noir all the way though. Hopefully, I will continue to like it and give a glowing full review.