Friday, February 17, 2012


Call me weird and obsessive. Today in my journal, I outlined what my prose style could and should look like. I intend to have a lot of fun seeing if I can follow this outline.

I make no bones about being a true believer in the outline. I especially recommend them for beginning and novice writers(which I am one of those two). It is a way of holding your own hand through out the writing process.

The other reason I like them is because I am not big on suprises in my story. Other writers thrive on them. I don't. I like to go where I want to go and end up where I want to be. If I achieve that, then I know I have told the story I have wanted to tell and I am thoroughly satisfied.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Consummata Part Two

I wanted so much to like this book. But, again, I just was not feeling it. I don't fault the author. I think Max Allan Collins does justice to Mickey Spillane's prose style. However, deep down inside, I knew it wasn't Spillane and that ruined it for me. Also, this proves that I am a Mike Hammer fan. The other characters just don't have the panache of Mike. Well, disappointed I am.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Consummata by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins

I am feeling much better  after off loading Stilletto in the library book return bin. I replaced it with the The Consummata, by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins.

This is a sequel to The Delta Factor which showcases another one of Spillane's spy characters called Morgan the Raider. Tiger Mann was his other. I haven't jumped into this one, but I have yet to be burned by a Spillane novel. I will have more to say when I am done.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I checked out Stilletto, by Harold Robbins from the library. 27 pages in and I am not feeling it. Too bad, because I usually like Harold Robbins and wanted to like this one. It was one of his older ones such as A Stone For Danny Fisher and Never Love A Stranger. But, it just does not resonate with me.

Dead End Follies

Upon recommendation from another blog post by a very credible author, it was suggested that we all check out Dead End Follies. I am glad I did.

It is the website of fiction writer Benoit Lelievre. He reviews current pulp fiction books and talks about his favorite Tom Waits songs(personally, I could talk Tom Waits all day like others talk Baseball). Very cool stuff. I intend to follow Mr Lelievre and learn alot.

While I am at it, let me plug another favorite blog of mine: Glorious Trash.  Joe Kenney, the author, reviews and plugs his favorite Mens Adventure and paperback novels. I enjoy this because Mens Adventure is a genre that is very close to my heart. It was the one genre when I was younger that got me excited about reading and life in general.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dust Devils by James Reasoner Part Two

Dust Devils is considered Red Neck Noir. James Reasoner is famous for this type of book. I am tempted to rush to judgement and say this is very similiar to a Jim Thompson novel, but it isn't.

Thompson's novels always had a creepy surreal air to them and Dust Devils doesn't. I found this refreshing, because while I like that hyperreal Coen Brothers style of delivery, it was nice to have just a straight forward crime fiction novel that was a page turner.

Reasoner's prose is very sparse. I would compare it to the that of Dave Zeltserman or Heath Lowrance. There is just enough description to get the job done; no more and no less.

He also does a  great job of setting up the story and unravels the two main characters' backstories as he goes along and includes a very chilling twist at the end.

There is also plenty of gunplay and mayhem perpetrated by some very bad people--and that includes the two main characters, Toby and Dana, who qualify completely as anti heros.

The villians were also very naturalistic and normal. Nothing quirky about them at all and they were well defined with very clear goals and dramatic needs.

I liked this book so much that I now classify myself as a James Reasoner fan.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A New Week

Well folks I am elated and buoyed by the fact that I was very helpful in assisting my trivia team last night with our second place ranking. So much so that I can't wait to go back next year and try for first.

This week I plan to get back to writing... and you will see alot of Facebook posts that state I have done so.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Roman Durs/ George Simenon

Yesterday while browsing the Bare Knuckles Press website, I learned a new term: Roman Durs.  I guess it is French for  hard novel.

They are stories that are very existential and dark. The main character is also very unlikeable and has no moral compass. These stories were often equated with George Simenon. They are also compared to the writings of Albert Camus. I also think they are along the lines of the stuff that Celine wrote.

I will put George Simenon on my list of authors to read.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dust Devils by James Reasoner

Right now, I am reading Dust Devils by James Reasoner. Thumbs up, so far. From what I have heard in the past, it is the type of story he is famous for: Red Neck Noir. This one falls squarely in that category.

I can't comment any further until I have finished the book, but I am pretty sure I will continue liking it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blood And Tacos

For all of you Mens' Adventure geeks who were wondering were the genre went, it's back. And when I say it's back, it has returned in its purest form-- not some updated crossover version.

This morning the great Heath Lowrance shared a link to a blog about a new magazine called Blood And Tacos whose mission is to feature mens' adventure tales that take place in the 60's and 70's in which stories like the Executioner, Nick Carter(Kill Master) the Destroyer etc. were created. Folks, I am excited and plan to follow this one for as long as it continues.

Tune in for more updates.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

About Trestle Press

This morning I woke to  a firestorm controversy involving Trestle Press. For those of us concerned, we pretty much know most of the story, so I will not rehash it.

It's tough because there are alot of good authors who have jumped the Trestle ship and I enjoyed being in their company. But, what are you going to do?

As of right now, for me, I am staying. I am willing to accept the fact that if mistakes were made, those who have made them are vigilantly seeking to remedy the said transgressions.

What I am really here to say is that so far my relationship with Trestle Press has been great. Giovanni has done right by me and I understand what he is trying to do in that he is wanting to build a stable of in house writers of pulp, inspirational, etc. and get as much product out on the market as possible. I am happy to assist him in that task.

I know some have complained that he doesn't do a good job of editing the work he puts out there. I have not had a problem with this. I have, instead, gotten alot better at self editing. The upside to that, is that he gives the author alot of control over what goes into their novel. Essentially, the story you are reading is the director's cut.

Well, I don't what else to say about this. I expect Trestle will make some changes in the future. I see this as a growing time for an upstart company. All the best to Giovanni and the remaining authors at Trestle Press Publishing.