Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Consummata Part Two

I wanted so much to like this book. But, again, I just was not feeling it. I don't fault the author. I think Max Allan Collins does justice to Mickey Spillane's prose style. However, deep down inside, I knew it wasn't Spillane and that ruined it for me. Also, this proves that I am a Mike Hammer fan. The other characters just don't have the panache of Mike. Well, disappointed I am.


  1. Sorry the book disappointed you, but you should know that all of the books I've co-written have considerable Spillane content. CONSUMMATA was expanded and completed based upon over 100 pages of Spillane, all of which is in the book.

    1. Mr. Collins, that probably a poor phrasing on my part. I am big fan of yours as well... as time goes on, I fell I appreciate Mike Hammer the most. I did like one of the books Hammer books you cow wrote with him.