Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dead End, by Ed Lacy(a full review)

If you like it rough, gritty, and crude, then Dead End is the book for you. It centers around Bucky Laspiza a down on his heels cop who, no matter how hard he  tries, can't seem to get ahead, professionally, financially, or socially. That is, until he meets another cop named Doc an joins his squad and that all changes, culminating into a big standoff, Bucky and Doc vs police at the end. Not too original, but, there is a nasty little knife twist at the end, which I won't divulge.

Story starts off with the two  being holed up in hideout where they just shot a woman who is the owner of the house. It turns out She and Doc had a dispute over the price they had to pay for using her home as a hideout. Then, in subsequent chapters, we are treated to Bucky's flashbacks of his childhood which illustrate very clearly why he is in this pickle.

Dead End is not bad for being a .99 cent E book. It is gritty, and edgy, but achieves this goal with little or no bad language, as well as sex scenes. It can be purchased at