Monday, February 6, 2012

Dust Devils by James Reasoner Part Two

Dust Devils is considered Red Neck Noir. James Reasoner is famous for this type of book. I am tempted to rush to judgement and say this is very similiar to a Jim Thompson novel, but it isn't.

Thompson's novels always had a creepy surreal air to them and Dust Devils doesn't. I found this refreshing, because while I like that hyperreal Coen Brothers style of delivery, it was nice to have just a straight forward crime fiction novel that was a page turner.

Reasoner's prose is very sparse. I would compare it to the that of Dave Zeltserman or Heath Lowrance. There is just enough description to get the job done; no more and no less.

He also does a  great job of setting up the story and unravels the two main characters' backstories as he goes along and includes a very chilling twist at the end.

There is also plenty of gunplay and mayhem perpetrated by some very bad people--and that includes the two main characters, Toby and Dana, who qualify completely as anti heros.

The villians were also very naturalistic and normal. Nothing quirky about them at all and they were well defined with very clear goals and dramatic needs.

I liked this book so much that I now classify myself as a James Reasoner fan.

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