Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inspiration And Looking Beyond Huey Dusk

It's hard to think about one day puttting the Huey stories to rest. But, as a writer, you must grow an evolve. This is not to say Huey stories won't continue. It's just at some point I will be dealing with other aspects of his life and personal history. For instance, I really want to write stories about his dad who is mentioned quite a bit through out the series.

I also want to write stories about the other side characters. Right now, I have a story about Clown Detective Lou Blatz in the hopper. So, there is lots of room for expansion in this universe.

However, what really excites me, is the aftermath of the Huey Dusk era. I have been thinkiing about this new character for about two years now, but today I had inspiration on how to frame his stories.

That inspiration came from my reading of some of the Prologue Book titles that I have acquired(I intend to get more) The books are quick, dirty, and very gritty, and that's what I want this new series to be.

Also, whereas Huey borrowed heavily from Mickey Spillane. This new series would stand on the shoulders of the likes of Talmadge Powell, Peter Rabe, Charles Runyon and I must not leave out David Goodis. Pretty ambitious I know. But like I said, I get excited thinking about the possibilities.

 However, do note there will be proper homage to Huey since, like I said, this other series does sprout from the Dusk stories; similiar to how there is mention of Huey's dad in all of the Huey stories.

I am so inspired I could start writing about this new character today. But, I am going excercise writer's discipline and continue with my western story.

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