Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One of the quintessential characters in the Huey Dusk universe. Marcel is a mime. He started out as the leader of a scraggly group of mime toughs called the Dragon Street Mimes. They handled security for crime boss Floyd Carillo and did other nasty jobs for him. This was the same syndicate that Huey tried to make his bones with. Later on, he and his quiet buddies were recruited by Langley to spy on Floyd since he had the knack for getting his hands on sensitive and dangerous material with disastrous implications.

Although Marcel does alot of favors for Huey, he hates the clown's guts and is responsible for some of the predicaments he gets into. Huey is unaware of the Mime's loathing for him and Marcel prefers it that way. This is so he can manipulate the unwitting joker. Some day when it is necessary, he will take him out, mime style( an imaginary bullet behind the ear)

His reasons for hating the clown are two fold.

Marcel is very bright and has a scheming mind. He comes up with all sorts of plans. Unfortunatley, he is unable to communicate them which means he can't execute them either. This sends him reeling into a silent impotent rage. As a result, he looks at a clown like Huey who is all action and forward motion and he can't help but want to mess him up.

The other reason deals with the history the two have between each other. Both were Langley operatives and were involved in a very messy mission down south on the island of Guano. Their objective was to over throw the tiny country's dictator and make it safe for the Guanese people.

But Marcel and his mime troupe(formerly the Dragon Street Mimes) ended up killing the inhabitants of a tiny peasant village as well as the village padre. Marcel went farther and offed his mime buddies as well.

He blames his temporary blood thirsty insanity on the fact that Huey, who was leading a cadre of clown commandos, was not there to back him and the other mimes up when they took heavy fire from troops in the jungle. Huey swears that he and the rest of the clowns were pinned down on the beach by the same Guanese Army.

Marcel is a very complicated, emotionally fragile character. He has inspired one of the most famous lines ever produced in clown literature: 'That's because he's a mime you moron!'

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