Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fear The Night(Drunk On The Moon) by Julia Madeleine

 Julia Madeleine continues the saga of werewolf PI Roman Dalton. This time he is summoned to Quebec when he is hired by a father to search for his lost daughter.

The story tops out at ten pages. Julia did very well constructing a good action packed plot in such a short space. Also in this piece, she chose the traditional PI story convention of first person reflective narration. What could have been cliche, worked very well because although she starts you off in familiar territory, by the end, she transports you to another plane of wretched existence. Along with that, she does a competant job of melding horror with the PI genre.

An excellent depiction of Quebec. It is exactly what I know that Canadian province to be: cold, run down, and peopled with some very tough characters. Also, it made for a very creepy back drop.

This installment holds up with the first one and delivers a crackling finale. As mentioned earlier, it is more kinetic than B. R.'s and Brazill's version. Nothing wrong with that. Very easy to follow and most enjoyable.  It is another Trestle Press original and can be purchased at .

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