Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lou Blatz: Clown Detective

From time to time, I plan to profile various characters in my Huey Dusk stories. Today we are going to talk about Lou Blatz.

Lou is a clown. He makes a cameo appearance in The Pandora Case. In this story, he is a young patrol clown. I dressed him in traditional police blues and an oversized badge. I also gave him a overly long nightstick. His scene takes place down in the subway station where he and his partner Brody are patrolling. Both Lou and Brody see Joey Pantera(main character) standing on the platform not looking too good. They make him for a hophead and they go over with the intention of bracing him. Lou, in this instance, is looking for the smallest reason to pound Joey into bloody hen @#%$^. I don't have Lou say anything. I thought it would be more effective to have him menacing and silent-- but at this point in his life, he has an orange clown afro. So how intimidating can he be?

In subsequent stories, Lou and his partner have worked their way up to homicide detectives mostly, but they catch all kinds of cases. Lou now is definately the leader of detective duo.  He is point clown on all of their investigations and does most of the questioning. Lou's hair is shorter and is red and sprinkled with white and blue speckles; "like sprinkles on a donut". Clowns' hair grays in all sorts of ways. He is dressed in a rumpled dayglo orange trench coat and has a swollen clown nose due to a drinking problem.

He makes it his personal mission to harass Huey Dusk and often times has roughed the other clown up during questioning and interrogation. Huey just manages to chap Lou's clown hide and cause him to see red.

The other interesting fact about Lou is that he and his partner are on the take with several of the crime bosses in the city. With their earnings, they have bought a party pad downtown which they call the Spot. Here, Lou and Brody have some wild parties involving booze and balloon animals.

At some point Lou is going to have his own story. I think it would be very interesting to see Huey Dusk through the eyes of a character who does not particularly like him.

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