Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Insatiable(Drunk On The Moon) by B. R. Stateham and Paul D. Brazill

Paul D. Brazill came up with a bold, unique idea... after launching his series with his first DOTM installment, he allowed a few of his favorite fans to pen subsequent stories. To be honest, this is something I am not sure I could do with Huey Dusk(which by the way can be purchased for 2.99 at ) A shameless plug. Sorry B.R. and Paul.  Like I said, it was a bold move. One that has obviously paid off for him.

Insatiable is one of those installments. It was scribed by my new Facebook friend B. R. Stateham who has carved a cultish niche for himself with his Call Me Smitty series  published by Trestle Press( Ok enough house keeping and time for the "meat" of the story(rim shot)

Insatiable, is another adventure featuring  our favorite lycanthrope PI Roman Dalton. This is a fullfledged mystery. It is a lot more procedural than Brazill's original story and it also differentiates itself by getting into the head of Dalton and showing us that he is capeable of doing some good investigative work. B.R. while making some poetic observations through out the story, keeps his prose short and stacatto. This works really well in that it shows us that Dalton's mind is brutal and efficient--almost like he is thumbing through a mental rolodex.

I also like how B.R. emphasizes the comradery between Dalton and Ivan the homicide detective. And even though they are good friends, because Dalton is a werewolf, he still looks at him like he would a rare T-Bone steak. This keeps with the spirit of Noir where the lines of love and hate are blurred.

Another good installment. I am truly jealous of these guys for creating such a great series-- but, not really. Actually I am cheering them on.


  1. Than you for your kind words, Whitney. Always a pleasre to hear from you. And don't worry about the name-thing. Hell, I answer to just about anything.

  2. Yep, a brilliant take on the series.