Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That Damned Coyote Hill by Heath Lowrance

Western and Horror are two genres that blend nicely. Heath Lowrance proves this in his Western short story That Damned Coyote Hill, another offering by Trestle Press

If I am correct, it is the first installment in a short story series about a mysterious gunfighter named Hawthorne.

The atmospherics  are wonderful. Lowrance chooses rain and mud as his back drop. This gives the piece a sepia-toned feel and reminds me of a faded photograph.

Instead of a man in black, Heath made his character a man in gray with some very striking facial features. This served as a nice metaphor and was in line with the spirit of noir.

Very good description of all the people and critters that  lurk in this universe.

That Damned Coyotee Hill  is a page turner with some great action sequences. I think even people who don't normally enjoy westerns will like this one as well. It can be purchased for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle

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