Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Doing Character Sketches

I've been spoiled in that for some time I've been writing about the same character, my beloved clown Huey Dusk. In writing about him, I have gotten to know him as I've go along. So now he is second nature to me-almost an aspect of myself.

But with this story, I am writing about a side character in the same universe as Huey. This character is Lou Blatz , the homicide clown detective that is always harassing him.

I thought I knew him well enough to cast him as a main character. However,  I am running into a few snags dealing with his voice.  The main problem is that he sounds a lot like Huey.

 To remedy this I am doing a character sketch.  So far, it is been very helpful.   Through doing this exercise, I've already learned a lot about Lou:  where he is from, his philosophy about life, his hopes and dreams, and how he feels about his fellow clowns.

 I might also add that normally,  I don't like characters to talk to me; but since I've taken the time to think this one through, I think I will listen to what Lou has to say.

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