Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Tokyo, by Mike Petttit

Little Tokyo by Mike Pettit was an interesting book. It's a mix of Mickey Spillane and a men's adventure novel à la Mack Bolan.

The main character is John Locke. John is a retired private investigator who just wants to be left alone and gamble his remaining good years away. But the book opens with him doing a job for a client who turns out not to be on the level. The job entailed Locke finding this gangster and roughing him up. But, as it turns out John ends up killing the gangster and blowing up his place of employment. This is just the opening.

The main story deals with Locke being hired to find this Midwestern family's  daughter, who has sunk into the deep cesspool of LA porn. Bloody mayhem ensues.  

I enjoyed this book, but I must warn you it is not for the faint of heart.   It is very gory and it has some graphic sex scenes.   My only nit pick is that in some parts Pettit spends a lot of time telling instead of showing.   In the biz we call that an information dump.

But on the whole, if you are looking for a cheap pulp action novel, then I would highly recommend this book.   It can be purchased at for $2.99.

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