Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Cool One

Right now I am at the top of my writing game. I am currently working on a story I have affectionately titled The Cool One. It's a fifties flavored noir that is not too dark. With the exception of my Cain Western Series, I don't really do deep dark noir. To me when you get to that place it is hard to distinguish it from outright horror. And with the exception Joe r Lansdale, I really haven't been bitten by the horror bug. So I keep things fairly light and relatively clean.

The Cool One is another example of light hearted noir. It's not really that humorous as it is dry and droll if that makes any sense. The other point I might add is that it is a stand alone void of either clowns or cowboys.  What I am most proud of is that I have written a story where the narrator, who is third person, has personality and attitude.  And because of that, it was so much fun to write.

Also, with this piece, I had some process oriented breakthroughs. In drafts past I would agonize and labor over every sentence. But not this time. In this instance, I just let myself go and put words down on the page regardless of whether they made sense.

I feel I have finally developed my own voice. When this story is released, you'll find it is written in a more conversational and poetic style than tales past. Previously my tendency was to be very minimal with my prose. But, I find the prose in this yarn to be rich and full bodied like fine wine. So, in the future, look for my newest noir creation The Cool One.

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