Friday, February 22, 2013

The Completion Of the Third Cain Story

As noted in my yesterday's Facebook status, I completed my third Cain story and sent it off to my publisher. It is the best out of the three. Because, like I said prior, I have hit my stride creatively. And as I close in on The Cool One, I find myself saddled with an addiction for writing period pieces-- not stories that pay homage to decades past, but a true reporduction of a Gold Medal yarn and that of other cheap paperbacks of the time. So, that means I have to follow the rules and omit any gratuitius sex scenes and keep the gore to a minimum.

For my inspiration, as always, I am drawing on the writing of Mickey Spillane. But, for my next story I  also plan to channel Orrie Hitt and Gil Brewer. My goal is to capture the sultry, sleazy, mood of those writers without having my characters actually do the deed.

So, like I mentioned earlier, I have given over to the pulp novels of the fifties and sixties and right now my focus is on immitating the thrills, titilations and the zest of those rough tales. I know I am writing for a small audience, but it is a crowd who is starving for a new purveyor of fiction of that type.

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