Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoughts On Writing

Yesterday I wrote a short script for my brother in law who is a videographer. He is planning to turn it into a short film. The idea for this came from a late night talk he and I had about creativity and dreams. I would like to think that I inspired him to follow his. If so, then I have achieved one of my goals as a writer.

To me this is the main reason why I write. It is my hope that one aspiring writer will read my work and say "Hey I can do that... and I can do it bigger and better than this guy."

This is what I did 18 years ago when I decided I wanted to write. I devoured all of the poetry I could and then found a kindred spirit in the verse of Richard Hugo; often times wishing I wrote some of my favorite poems of his. Then I discovered the writing of Michael Madsen(who would have ever thought he could write poetry) and I essentially became him, copying his every riff and image.

With Huey Dusk I have finally found my own voice  which is an amalgamation of all my favorite authors-- as it should be.

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