Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Elliot Smith

Reedy. Wispy. Angelic. Those are adjectives used to describe the singer Elliot Smith. Elliot first gained exposure with his song Miss Misery which was featured in the movie Good Will Hunting. Other songs have popped in other indie movies as well.

Some say Smith was reminscent of Nick Drake of Pink Moon fame;another singer with a trippy surreal quality.

Although I have listened to his other stuff my favorite album was Figure 8 which was his most  succesful.

What I also liked about Elliot was his smooth gentle voice--which is a change from all my other favorites who have gravelly blues flavored sets of pipes. But even though his singing had a placid quality to it, his sound remained rooted in punk.

It is unfortunate that we won't get to experience anything new from this singer because he committed suicide in 2003. But, his spirit and music lives within the hearts of his fans and is a reminder of the power of a still small voice.

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