Thursday, January 23, 2014

Emmett Kelly

Emmett Kelly was a circus clown in in the 1930's who took on the persona of "Weary Willy". Weary Willy was  a sad sack, and what made him distinct was that he did not wear white face, and was modeled after the Depression Era hobos. At the time this was unheard of since clowns were supposed to be happy. But Willy was not. He'd be the one sweeping up after the circus. His most famous schtick was trying to broom away the circus spotlight.

I really like the Emmett Kelly type  of clown, and I unknowingly did a nod to Weary Willy in my first Huey Dusk story, with my character Moppy.  Moppy was a janitorial clown.

Moppy's act was to dance on stage with a mop and then scrub the air with a giant squeegee. I think the major difference between Willie and Moppy is that Moppy will slice you with a straight razor if you cross him.

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