Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dan Fowler G-man Vol.2

I am over the moon to see the public domain pulp hero Dan Fowler G-man revived in recent literature. With that said, let me steer you again to Airship 27, a publisher helmed by Ron Fortier. To me he and his subsequent writers have truly done justice to this amazing character of rough literature.

Dan Fowler G-man is a two-fisted FBI agent of the J Edgar Hoover days. Although he uses investigation, his methods lean more toward fisticuffs and gun work. In "the four gun blazing cases" from Airship 27's entry Dan Fowler G-man Vol. 2, you are treated to a cornucopia of action. As I said in an Amazon review, each author brings something different to the table.

  • Derrick Ferguson in "The Undercover Puzzle" brings us a straight crime story full of solid action.
  • Aaron Smith in "Monkey Business" gives us a weird supervillian that pays tribute to Chester Gould's bad guys in his Dick Tracy adventures.
  • Joshua Reynolds gives us a team effort matching up the fearless FBI agent with Jim Anthony Super Detective. In this story there is a great shoot out scene at a bank that is right out of the movies.
  • B C Smith's "Feasting on the predator's corpse" is a terrifying tale about a hit man named Chuck Dudka.  Dudka was modeled after the real life Mob torpedo Richard Kuklinski, alias "The Ice Man."  Now to be fair, some might say that Smith's depiction was too derivative of the real thing. I would disagree. I think this was a smart move and made the story easier to visualize since I have also read up on Kuklinski. Along with that, it had more commercial appeal.
Let me say again I thought all of these authors did a great job and I plan to check out their other stories. Dan Fowler G-Man Vol.2 can be purchased at either in print or for your e reader.

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