Thursday, June 20, 2013

Retro Musings

As I have just recently put the finishing touches on The Doomsday Gizmo, I feel this is one of my favorite stories and am going to have good time writing subsequent yarns about this detective agency.( I'd reveal the name, but every time I think about the story, the time period it is in, I am filled with paranoia)

Again, this series of novelletes will be in a fictitious local that resembles the desert in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas. Except, that there will be no Vegas instead there will be a city quite similar to it and most likely more over the top in the kitsch of its 50's and 60's heyday. I like fictitious places and alternate time lines because you can fudge a little bit when it comes to retro pieces. In this story, my fifties is essentially the Hardy Boys, Homer Price and Tom Swift on steroids. It is full of pulpy thrills and dastardly villains and just a dollop of noir but not too much.

Again, I have found another sweet spot in the same way I found Huey Dusk. I think I have plenty of stories left in me about the protagonist of this series(name withheld because in the spirit of the story I am too paranoid).

I am also just grooving on the prose style. It is a perfection of my cinematic, purple hardboiled prose that is a perfect fit for this tale.

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