Sunday, January 20, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle Faded Star

Today I read over my story Twinkle Twinkle Faded Star. It's a dark pot boiler involving the corrupt homicide clown cop named Lou Blatz. He and his partner Brody are always harrassing Huey Dusk who as you know is my clown PI modeled after Mike Hammer.

Well, when I was reading it over I realized I have a damn good story. Initially, when I started out I was having trouble distinguishing it from a Huey Dusk caper. But I think I have fixed that. Lou definately stands apart from Dusk and has his own voice.

I also believe this is more noirish than any of the other Huey stories. Although Lou is just as funny as Dusk, he most definately is a bad clown. But, he has a "wounded soul and a black licorice heart" that Serena, the damsel in distress, is able to soothe and pierce. As a result, she gets him to solve the murder of her sister, a once famous movie star. However, before her death, Serena's sister was fading into into B movie obscurity, hence the title.

Also, whereas I model my Huey Dusk stories after the writing of Mickey Spillane, Lou Blatz's tale just reeks of David Goodis. No one is really all that innocent and Huey is pretty sleazy, as seen through the eyes of Lou who as I said is even more horrid.

It was alot of fun to write and I am having a great time revising. So, someday in the near future after I have found a home for this opus, look for Twinkle Twinkle Faded Star.

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