Friday, August 24, 2012

Dying Memories by David Zeltserman

A while ago, Mr. Zeltserman told me this wasn't his best book. He felt that another book of his titled Killers Essence was better. I disagree.

Dying Memories, is about a reporter in Boston who is working on a story about a murder. The deeper he digs, he finds out that the murder was part of a grand conspiracy involving the government and a major corporation.  Even though it is a familiar plot line, Mr. Zeltserman does an excellent job in creating a paranoid atmosphere. When reading this, I truly did not know who the main character could trust.

This story harkens back to other stories such as  Three Days Of The CondorThe Parallax View and the granddaddy of them all, The Manchurian Candidate .  But it's not a carbon copy of any ofthese movies or books .

Also, normally I am not a fan of flashbacks in stories.  However, I feel David's use of them really worked in that it really helped to unravel the main character's back story, which was very important to the plot.

 I really like Zeltserman's prose style. I think his economy of language fits the type of story Dying Memories is. I also think though we have seen these type of characters before, they weren't stale; on the contrary, they were very interesting and fresh .

I highly recommend this book, and it can be purchased as an e-book at

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