Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everything Must Go

On Sunday Kim and I took a trip to the Plaza Frontenac and saw a movie callled Everything Must Go.

It starred Will Ferrell and basically was  the type of role he played in Stranger Than Fiction where he's an everyman/loser.

The movie begins with him giving a speech about how to sell. Then he is called into his boss's office and is fired. From there his day goes progressively down hill and consists of his wife leaving him and locking him out of their house. She also dumps all of his stuff on his lawn. He then almost gets arrested and has to have a detective friend come and help him out in which it is decided that he has three days to clear his stuff off the lawn. Will he do it? That remains for you to see if you watch the movie.

Now to me the film's over all theme is selling and how it is big part of our lives. I think the big point that they drive home is that every chraracter is selling themselves on a life that either does not exist or is not available for them. The saddest part of the movie is that the way Will decides to clear his lawn is to have a yard sale and while doing that befriends a kid and has him help sell the merchandise. During this time he teaches him all the rules of selling; the same ones he espoused on the job. So, in a sense he is exposing this kid to the same behavior and life that failed for him.

All in all it is not a bad movie. It is a little slow in the beginning. I think it is worth putting on the Netflix que. It was based on a Raymond Carver story so I was honor bound to give it a chance.

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